Our Staff

The Lower Eastside Girls Club staff represents a cross-section of people, most whom live on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, many who were born and raised here who are also raising their children here.  Adjunct staff members are brought in as specialists on specific programs. The women and men on staff (19 FT, 6PT, 2 AmeriCorps) – and the over 100 active mentors – are between the ages of 22 and 65 and represent diverse heritages that include the Caribbean, Africa, The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Europe and the Americas.  Our staff members come from a wide range of economic classes and educational experiences, from PhDs to GEDs, and share a sense of mission—a vision of the future—and a passion for young people and the neighborhood we work in. 

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Board of Directors

Lyn Pentecost, PhD, Executive Director & Co-Founder
Rachel Weingeist, Board Co-Chair
Steve Perricone, Board Co-Chair
Ian Blumenstein, Esq, Treasurer
Rosie Rodriguez, Secretary
Julia Cheiffetz
Selena Ching
Anil Dash
Rosario Dawson
Tricia Donegan
Carter Emmart
Jen Gatien
Judith Helfand
Angie Klein
Lisa Laukitis, Esq
Rev. Jacqueline J. Lewis, Ph.D.
Mariana Salem
Gael Towey